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1 the main stem of a tree; usually covered with bark; the bole is usually the part that is commercially useful for lumber [syn: tree trunk, bole]
2 luggage consisting of a large strong case used when traveling or for storage
3 the body excluding the head and neck and limbs; "they moved their arms and legs and bodies" [syn: torso, body]
4 compartment in an automobile that carries luggage or shopping or tools; "he put his golf bag in the trunk" [syn: luggage compartment, automobile trunk]
5 a long flexible snout as of an elephant [syn: proboscis]

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From tronc ("alms box", "tree trunk") < truncus ("lopped tree trunk").


  • /tʃɹʌŋk/


  1. The (usually single) upright part of a tree, between the roots and the branches.
  2. A large suitcase, usually requiring two persons to lift and with a hinged lid.
  3. The torso.
  4. The extended and articulated nose or nasal organ of an elephant.
  5. In the context of "US|automotive": The luggage storage compartment of a sedan/saloon style car.
  6. In the context of "US|telecommunications": A circuit between telephone switchboards or other switching equipment.
  7. a chute or conduit, or a watertight shaft connecting two or more decks.



tree trunk
  • Albanian: trung
  • Catalan: tronc
  • Croatian: stablo, deblo
  • Czech: kmen
  • Dutch: stam
  • Finnish: runko, puunrunko
  • French: tronc
  • German: Stamm
  • Greek: κορμός
  • Hungarian: törzs, fatörzs
  • Italian: tronco
  • Japanese: 幹
  • Korean: 그루 (geuru)
  • Kurdish: qurm
  • Latin: truncus
  • Polish: pień
  • Portuguese: tronco
  • Romanian: trunchi and
  • Russian: ствол
  • Serbian: deblo, stablo
  • Slovene: deblo
  • Spanish: tronco
  • Swedish: stam
  • Telugu: కాండము (kaaMDamu)
large suitcase or chest
  • Arabic:
  • Chinese: 行李箱 (xínglǐxiāng)
  • Dutch: koffer
  • Finnish: matkalaukku, matka-arkku, kirstu
  • French: malle
  • German: Koffer
  • Hungarian: bőrönd
  • Italian: baule
  • Japanese: 行李, 長持, トランク
  • Korean: 트렁크 (teureongkeu)
  • Portuguese: baú
  • Russian: сундук
  • Serbian: sanduk, kovčeg
  • Slovene: zaboj , kovček
  • Spanish: baúl
  • Swedish: koffert
extended nasal organ of an elephant
  • Czech: chobot
  • Danish: snabel
  • Dutch: slurf
  • Finnish: kärsä
  • French: trompe
  • German: Rüssel
  • Japanese: 鼻
  • Russian: хобот (khóbot)
  • Serbian: surla
  • Slovene: rilec
  • Spanish: trompa
  • Swedish: snabel
luggage storage compartment of a sedan/saloon style car
telecommunications line
swimming trunks See swimming trunks
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L, WATS, WATS line, anatomy, anthrophore, antlia, axis, baluster, balustrade, banister, barrel, base, beak, beezer, bill, bin, body, bole, bones, boot, box, branch, bugle, cable, cable railway, cane, carcass, carpophore, caryatid, case, cask, casket, caudex, caulicle, caulis, chest, clay, clod, co-ax, coaxial cable, coffer, cog railway, colonnade, column, concentric cable, conk, corpus, culm, cylinder, cylindroid, dado, die, drum, el, electric railway, elevated, elevated railway, embankment, feeder, feeder line, figure, flesh, footstalk, form, frame, funicule, funiculus, gravity-operated railway, haulm, horse railway, hulk, jack, junction, leafstalk, light railroad, line, locker, main line, material body, metro, monorail, muffle, muzzle, nares, neb, newel-post, nib, nose, nostrils, nozzle, olfactory organ, party line, pecker, pedestal, pedicel, peduncle, person, petiole, petiolule, petiolus, physical body, physique, pier, pilaster, pile, piling, pillar, pipe, plinth, pole, post, private line, proboscis, queen-post, rack railway, rack-and-pinion railway, rail, rail line, railroad, railway, reed, rhinarium, roadbed, roadway, roll, roller, rostrum, rouleau, schnozzle, seedstalk, shaft, sidetrack, siding, smeller, snoot, snout, socle, soma, spear, spire, staff, stalk, stanchion, stand, standard, stem, stipe, stock, straw, street railway, streetcar line, subbase, subway, surbase, switchback, telegraph cable, telegraph line, telephone line, terminal, terminus, tigella, torso, track, tram, tramline, trestle, trolley line, trunk line, tube, turnout, underground, upright, wire line
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